Dog Training & Walking


How may we help you?

Services & Prices: 

  • Individual exercise and/or training walks.
  • Manners or behavior modification training, in your home or wherever it's needed.
  • Adoption counseling. We'll help you understand which dog will suit you best before you adopt, and then help you settle in together.
  • Serving most areas of San Francisco.
  • Prices vary depending on needs.  In many cases, SAVE MONEY and let us do the training for you!

Our Clientele -- Individual Walks: 

  • A Hound About Town provides individual walks for those beloved pooches in need of extra special treatment or attention.  Is your best buddy:  shy or fearful; aged or injured; undersocialized; reactive to people, places, things, or animals; or just not meant for the group-walk scenario (whether temporarily or permanently)? Such furry friends still need a fulfilling life packed with mental stimulation, exercise, and exposure to new experiences -- and -- that’s where we come in. Whether you want to work on an issue, or focus solely on exercise; or even if you already have a trainer but you want another experienced professional to handle walks as a complement to the process, A Hound About Town is here for you. 

Our Clientele -- Training: 

  • We welcome any dog in need of a general polishing of manners or a change in undesired behaviors. Give us your jumpy, mouthy, antsy, barking, leash-pulling, door-dashing, shoe-eating critter, and let us mold him (or her) into a companion that is even more perfect for you and your lifestyle. Depending on the issue or need, A Hound About Town may even be able to handle a majority of the training work for you. No worries about fitting one more thing into your already full schedule.  We'll put in most of the time and effort, and you'll reap the rewards. 

Heather Burton

Making the world a better place ... one dog at a time.